ThreatConnect Announces Investment from Grotech Ventures

Today, I’m proud to share that ThreatConnect has announced a $4 Million Series A investment led by Grotech Ventures and other strategic partners. You can read more about the specifics here. Grotech Ventures is one of the premier East Coast venture capital firms and we are excited to have them on board as our partners as we embark on this next stage of growth.

We are very excited that our hard work has been recognized. Our company was founded on the idea that everything revolves around people, and we still feel that way. Our people built this company and allowed us to be what we are and grow at the phenomenal pace that we have. In fact, in June we were selected by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) as the Hottest Bootstrap Company in recognition of what we had been able to do to that point without outside capital. ThreatConnect was built on the feedback of our analysts out in the real world, and together we have shaped the threat intelligence market overall – something we are very proud of.

We  have over 3,000 users on, and over 40 of the Fortune 100 using ThreatConnect, and we have a bright future ahead for all of our customers and staff.

Thank you to all of our team members, customers, partners, and friends for your continued support and for having a hand in building the next big security company success story. We could not have done this without all of you, and I hope that you are as excited as I am about the company’s future.

About the Author

ThreatConnect is the only security platform with comprehensive intelligence, analytics, automation, orchestration, and workflow capabilities native within a single solution. With ThreatConnect, you will be able to increase accuracy and efficiency, improve collaboration of teams and technology, strengthen business-security goal alignment, and build a single source of truth for your entire security team.