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The Future of Threat Intelligence for Large Enterprises

The evolving cyber threat landscape demands an innovative approach to cybersecurity, especially for large enterprises. Retail organizations and banks, in particular, face complex challenges in managing and mitigating cyber threats. The amount of data involved, coupled with the need to access multiple sources of intelligence, can be overwhelming. Our goal is to explore the changing needs of these large organizations in handling threat intelligence and provide valuable guidance on managing data volumes.

Collaboration and partnerships are important in mitigating cyber risks

With the complexity of the current cyber threat environment, organizations can no longer rely solely on their internal resources to manage risks. Instead, collaboration across different departments and external entities can boost the efficacy of threat intelligence. Large corporations should build cross-functional teams of professionals in cybersecurity, compliance, risk management, and legal departments and seek partnerships with industry associations, ISACs, and law enforcement agencies for insights and context.

Automation and AI are essential in handling vast volumes of data

Manual efforts to analyze a vast amount of data are no longer practical, and experts suggest the automation and use of AI to improve the accuracy and speed of data analysis. Automation of data collection, correlation, and analysis will enable experts to focus on more sophisticated tasks such as incident response and threat hunting.

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Threat Intelligence Platforms offer critical infrastructure

Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) are fundamental for a robust and mature cybersecurity strategy, and consolidation and management of threat data from many sources help organizations respond quickly and efficiently. When selecting a TIP, companies must seek solutions that integrate with existing security protection, offer multiple deployment options, customizable dashboards, and workflows with different management capabilities. Prior preparation is crucial for a successful implementation.

Contextualize your threat data effectively

The intelligence industry must prioritize cognitive context because providing precise and timely contextual information allows for the appropriate response to an attack or threat. Sources of threat intelligence must offer context, such as threat actor profiles, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), and indicators of compromise (IOCs). TIPs that offer customized enrichment capabilities that allow organizations to integrate internal context into threat data are preferable.

Invest in continuous learning to remain proactive

Organizations must remain committed to continuously learning to stay at the cutting edge of cybersecurity. The threat landscape is ever-evolving, and professionals need to be updated with the latest technologies, threats, and best practices to be effective in their roles. Top-performing corporations foster continuous employee education and training opportunities within the organization and through external sources such as industry associations and conferences.

Large enterprises are highly susceptible to cyber threats, especially banks and retail companies that process and store large volumes of customer data. As such, it’s crucial that these organizations can swiftly detect, identify and respond to potential security risks. Thorough threat intelligence strategies that comprise of collaboration, automation, threat intelligence platforms, contextualized data, and continuous learning are essential. ThreatConnect, as a leader in the Threat Intelligence space, provides powerful automation and AI capabilities, integration with existing security tools, customizable workflows, and comprehensive contextual data, among other helpful features.

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