Research Roundup: FBI/NSA Fancy Bear Report Followup

Howdy, and welcome to the ThreatConnect Research Roundup, a collection of recent findings by our Research Team and items from open source publications that have resulted in Observations of related indicators across ThreatConnect’s CAL™ (Collective Analytics Layer).

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In this edition, we cover:

  • Fancy Bear / APT28 / Strontium
  • Drovorub
  • Russia
  • Suspicious Domains with Server, Cloud, Player, Time
  • Possible Information Operations “News” Domains For Various Countries
  • Emotet
  • North Korea
  • COVID-19 Loan Relief Spoof

Roundup Highlight: Suspicious Infrastructure on ASN Related to FBI / NSA Report on Drovorub Malware



Our highlight in this Roundup is Incident 20200813A: Suspicious Infrastructure on ASN Related to FBI / NSA Report on Drovorub Malware. ThreatConnect Research reviewed the IPs — 82.118.242[.]171 and 185.86.149[.]125 — detailed in the joint FBI / NSA report on Russian GRU 85th GTsSS’ (Fancy Bear / APT28 / Strontium) previously undisclosed Drovorub malware. The 185.86.149[.]125 address previously hosted the Njalla-registered domain ignitereatlime[.]org during the relevant timeframe (April 2019) stated in the report.

Less than 20 domains were registered through Njalla and are currently hosted in the same ASN (52173) of which 185.86.149[.]125 is a part. Notable domains include sportever[.]org (X-Agent, 185.86.150[.]205), ciscosupports[.]com (185.82.126[.]98), travelerupdate[.]com (185.86.149[.]143), and wwwco4testmcsoft[.]com (185.82.126[.]210).

Reviewing other the ASN for domains registered through other resellers Fancy Bear has previously used, such as NewLovingDomains and ITitch, we identify about 36 total domains. Notable results include fastfilmsbucket[.]com (marco_knight@protonmail[.]com, 185.86.150[.]91), logisticamazon[.]org (melangeur1923@inbox[.]lv, 185.82.126[.]180), and edgedns[.]info (caban2009@clovermail[.]net, 185.82.126[.]180).

Beyond those domains already attributed to Fancy Bear, at this time we don’t have any additional insight into whether the domains are related to the Drovorub malware or Fancy Bear in general; however, they merit additional scrutiny given those non-unique registration and hosting consistencies.


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