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May the Fourth be with you: A Star Wars InfoSec Bibliography

Collecting and connecting things is a big part of what we do here at ThreatConnect. We aggregate disparate sources of threat data/intel so it’s within easy reach when you need it. We integrate a bunch of tools and techs via our platform so all that aggregated intel can be put to good use throughout your security infrastructure. We bring your intel, IR, SOC, and other cybersecurity teams together so they can collectively defend the business. And we also like uniting process to make all the aforementioned stuff work better, smarter, and faster.

We also have a bit of thing for Star Wars. By “bit of a thing,” I mean the typical stuff people do like naming all meeting rooms after Star Wars venues, life-sized cardboard cutouts, office decorations, Tauntaun sleeping bags; a Han Solo freeze mold on the wall, themed product release titles, and custom-designed T-shirts. That is normal, right?

Anyway, we were thinking what better way to celebrate May the 4th than by bringing together all the Star Wars themed cybersecurity posts we could find and then sharing the compilation with the community. Star Wars has a HUGE number of lessons for InfoSec, but it’s kind of hard to learn them when they’re scattered all over the galaxy. Well, no more – this is the Star Wars InfoSec bibliography you’re looking for.

We’ll start this off in a galaxy not so far, far away…our own blog. If I know our folks well, however, this list will be out of date quickly 😉

  • Threat Intelligence and the Downfall of the Galactic Empire (Dan Cole)
  • Intel’s in the way that you use it, Snoke don’t you know (Wade Baker)
  • Sending Aspiring Jedi Knights to Dagobah System (ThreatConnect Research Team)
  • ThreatConnect Episode IV: A New Scope (Andy Pendergast)
  • Luke in the Sky with Diamonds (Wade Baker)


I listed ThreatConnect first, but not because we’re the most prolific writers on the subject of Star Wars and cyber security. That honor goes to Jedi Master Adam Shostack, who has done more to guard peace in the galaxy than anyone else I know. The Force is strong with this one.

  • The Security Principles of Saltzer and Schroeder
    • Star Wars: Economy Of Mechanism
    • Friday Star Wars: Principle of Fail-safe Defaults
    • Friday Star Wars and the Principle of Complete Mediation
    • Star Wars and the Principle of Least Privilege
    • Star Wars and Least Common Mechanism
    • Star Wars and Separation of Privilege
    • Friday Star Wars: Open Design
    • Friday Star Wars and Psychological Acceptability
  • Security Lessons from… (DarkReading)
    Security Lessons from C-3PO, Former CSO of the Millennium Falcon
  • The Pentesters Strike Back (Emergent Chaos)
  • Cybersecurity Lessons from Star Wars: Blame Vader, Not the IT Department (Emergent Chaos)
  • Governance Lessons from the Death Star Architect (Emergent Chaos)
  • What Good is Threat Intelligence Going to do Against That? (Emergent Chaos)
  • The Death Star: An Inside Job? (Emergent Chaos)
  • Security Lessons From Star Wars: Breach Response (New School of InfoSec)
  • Threat Modeling Lessons from Star Wars (Air Mozilla)
  • Cybersecurity Lessons from Star Wars: Blame Vader, Not the IT Department (Council on Foreign Relations)


The good folks at Securosis (and their friends) also deserve their own shout-out for their SW-themed guide to the 2016 RSA Conference site. Even though the conference is over, you should NOT have a bad feeling about reading these.

By not calling out the rest, I am in no way detracting from their contribution to the rebellion. Many Bothans plied to bring us this information, and I commend them all for their dedication and sacrifice. These are listed in alphabetical order according to title. Enjoy; and don’t worry if it takes you longer than 12 parsecs to make a run through them all. They’ll be right here.

The possibility of successfully navigating all Star Wars posts in the cybersecurity field is approximately 3,720 to 1. I’m sure I’ve missed some. If you know of others, please let us know (@threatconnect or @wadebaker) and we’ll get them added to the list.
And May the Fourth be with you!

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