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Sharing Threat Intelligence Using STIX-TAXII

STIX-TAXII | Learn how to Collect and Send STIX Threat Intelligence in ThreatConnect

Sharing threat intelligence and collaborating with your peers, vendors and partners, is not optional to protect your network. ThreatConnect® supports STIX-TAXII.  STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression™) and TAXII (Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information™) standards in our Platform to enable effective sharing of threat data and allow you to act on that data with our powerful API integrations and your SIEMs, firewalls, and other endpoint protection solutions.

With ThreatConnect’s fully integrated TAXII client, all Platform users may collect and send STIX formatted threat intelligence with their own cloud or on-prem ThreatConnect instance. Information can be digested even faster, maximizing the time to identify and mitigate threats. ThreatConnect’s robust combination of STIX and its API for machine sharing for human analysis creates a complete solution for organizations and communities whether ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Centers), ISAOs (Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations), or a community formed by a single organization with its partners.

To see how to perform the STIX-TAXII process in ThreatConnect, view the video:

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