Demystifying Intelligence Analysis

How to Research Threats and Build Better Processes

There are easy ways to get started with threat intelligence analysis in your organization. To learn, watch the webinar, Demystifying Intelligence Analysis: How to Research Threats In Your Organization, presented by Marika Chauvin, Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher at ThreatConnect. Marika shares a practical example of threat research using recent analysis in the oil and natural gas and utilities communities. You’ll also learn how to process available threat intelligence; build on threat research and conduct additional analysis, and; create processes to better protect your organization.

Threat researchers scrutinize trends, technology, and socio-political motivators to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the cyber landscape. Many organizations are aware of the need for such research, but aren’t sure where to start. By researching adversaries before they attack, organizations are better positioned to mitigate threats in the future.

See the webinar here.

ThreatConnect Research Team
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ThreatConnect Research Team

The ThreatConnect Research Team: is an elite group of globally-acknowledged cybersecurity experts, dedicated to tracking down existing and emerging cyber threats. We scrutinize trends, technology and socio-political motivators to develop comprehensive knowledge of the cyber landscape. Then, we share what we’ve learned so that you can protect your organization, and your team can take precise action against threats.