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Build a Single Source of Truth

Gartner® defines a SOAR platform as ”security orchestration, automation and response technologies that enable organizations to collect security threats data and alerts from different sources, where incident analysis and triage can be performed leveraging a combination of human and machine power to help define, prioritize and drive standardized incident response activities according to a standard workflow. SOAR platforms allow an organization to organize incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format, such that a range of machine-driven activities can be automated.”

Take a minute to read that once more. We’ll wait.

With the threat landscape changing rapidly — and in these times, even more rapidly — your organization and your security team need what we call, a single source of truth. Even for the most skilled team, keeping up with the threat landscape, increasingly complex IT environments, changing regulatory compliance mandates, and mounting security alerts is not easy to achieve, let alone do quickly. Working off a single platform is critical to successful coordination of detection and response initiatives, as it keeps knowledge sharing across these teams fluid and instantaneous.

But, fragmentation of information, people, processes, and technologies is a significant hurdle. At ThreatConnect, our objective has always been to help security teams get the most value out of that intelligence by enabling cross-team coordination and workflows. We saw a need for a platform to bring all of these elements together to automate, orchestrate, and break down fragmentation for seamless coordination. A centralized platform that enables the refinement of relevant data from cases, response engagements, threat investigations, shared communities, and external vendors into intelligence suitable for decision making by any analyst, and also leverage that newly created intelligence to inform decisions across the security team.

Having all of your threat intelligence, response plans, and processes in one place provides your entire team a common reference point that enables collaboration, ensures consistency, and reduces the impact of turnover. For example, in ThreatConnect:

  • The Browse Screen is where a lot of the information that is most associated with ThreatConnect is found. Here you can navigate through indicators and groups to find information that is pertinent to what you’re currently working on. You’re able to pipe threat data into ThreatConnect and view it in a way that’s consistent and readable, no matter the source. ThreatConnect handles numerous different pathways when it comes to how to ingest data. It can be imported, gathered through feed integrations, generated as a result of a Playbook, or through one of our Apps.
  • The same goes with your processes. Playbooks and Workflow allow you to centralize your processes. Along with all the obvious benefits of this, one big thing this also helps with is reducing the impact of turnover because you don’t run into the issue of tribal knowledge and the information leaving when an employee does because it hasn’t been documented appropriately, or documented in a place where it’s useful or can even be found.

By creating one platform that includes threat intelligence, orchestration, automation, and response together, you create a holistic system of insight – or a single source of truth – enabling teams to more effectively:

  • Alert, block, and quarantine based on relevant threat intel
  • Increase your accuracy, confidence, and precision
  • Understand context and improve over time
  • Orchestrate with more confidence
  • Create organic intelligence from security operations and response
  • Adjust processes automatically as information and context changes

With increasing volumes of aggressive threats, where rapid response is measured in seconds, organizations need to reduce the time to respond. With ThreatConnect’s SOAR, they can. Using a SOAR platform can help incident response teams coordinate multiple streams of activity handled by different people, all with different roles and expertise, to support a comprehensive response to a security incident. ThreatConnect is the only security platform today with comprehensive intelligence, analytics, automation, orchestration, and workflow capabilities native within a single solution.

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By operationalizing threat and cyber risk intelligence, The ThreatConnect Platform changes the security operations battlefield, giving your team the advantage over the attackers. It enables you to maximize the efficacy and value of your threat intelligence and human knowledge, leveraging the native machine intelligence in the ThreatConnect Platform. Your team will maximize their impact, efficiency, and collaboration to become a proactive force in protecting the enterprise. Learn more at