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Black Hat USA 2022 Cybersecurity Conference Highlights

Black Hat USA, also known as Hacker Summer Camp, was held on August 10-11 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, marking its 25th anniversary of the conference, and it was great to see everyone in person! 

Our team had a great time at the conference and wanted to share some highlights they noticed during the two days. 

It was great to talk to people

One of the best things about conferences is exploring the exhibition area and looking at different booths, the themes, and getting awesome swag. ThreatConnect’s booth was called the Maximum Impact Lounge, where we had coffee, cookies, a lounge area, and our security experts were ready for great conversations and networking. 

Our booth presentations covered a variety of topics, such as:

  • Put cyber risk quantification at the center of your security operations
  • How an intelligence-powered security operations approach helps mature your security ecosystem
  • How to combat Phishing and speed up your response time

There was a lot of interest in ThreatConnect’s Platform and how it enables Intelligence-Powered Security Operations. We offered customized demos throughout the conference and walked through our revolutionary process that helps mature security teams and their everyday processes. 

The interest in analytics and automation playing a larger role in making threat intelligence more operational got people really excited. There is definitely pent-up demand to make threat intelligence more effective and easier at the same time.

Improving incident response was another popular topic. Being accurate and fast is the key to successful incident response activities. BHUSA attendees were looking for ways to up their IR game, especially where IR teams are challenged, like being understaffed or highly distributed around the globe.

Conference Highlights:

The presentations were on a different level this year. After being virtual last year, a hybrid model was presented this year where some attendees were in-person, and others were attending online. Between the on-demand presentations and those held in person, some of our favorites included topics such as;

Open Threat Hunting Framework

  • We particularly appreciated that the focus wasn’t only on defining threat hunting but also on keeping things open and structuring hunting around goals and the importance of being outcome-focused.

Real ‘Cyber War’: Espionage, DDoS, Leaks, and Wipers in the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

  • This talk referenced an earlier presentation called ‘Industroyer 2’, which talked in-depth about the targeting of Ukraine’s power grid around the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Between the two, they really demonstrated the spirit of collaboration across vendors and organizations in the industry today. They highlighted very interesting analyses around malicious cyber activity ahead of and during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. 

Talent Need Not Apply: Tradecraft and Objectives of Job-themed APT Social Engineering

  • Some members of our team really enjoyed this talk that highlighted how threat actors are leveraging job-themed social engineering techniques in recent campaigns.

Overall, we thought Black Hat 2022 was a great success, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone who stopped by our booth. There was excitement, activity, fun swag, and very informative presentations! It was a great overview of the current state of cybersecurity, and it was exciting to see new products and improvements, and updates to others. 

More Resources:

We can’t wait to connect with everyone in person again! Here are some resources to stay connected and keep up to date with ThreatConnect’s Intelligence-Powered Security Operations solution:

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