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Alleviate Common SOC Struggles With SOAR Power

The cyber threat landscape is changing so rapidly that it can become almost impossible for security operations center (SOC) teams to keep up. Every day, analysts make multiple decisions that have the potential to impact the entire organization. Once faced with a threat, analysts have to quickly answer questions such as: What should I do about this alert? Is this even dangerous? Will I be able to triage everything? Can incident response act quickly enough?

According to the 2020 Devo SOC Performance Report survey, it takes skilled hackers less than 19 minutes to move laterally after compromising the first machine in an organization, whereas survey respondents said it can take weeks (37%) or months/years (39%) to resolve a security incident. This issue isn’t solely for smaller, less equipped security operation centers (SOC’s), even well-resourced SOC’s struggle with these time-consuming tasks. The most common struggles include managing threat intelligence (60%), struggles with malware protection (57%), and waiting on security tools to respond to operations (48%) at a speed that matches and defends against threats.

Not being able to quickly distinguish between high and low priority threats, information overload, and limited visibility into the attacks have all played a major role in analyst turnover rates which were higher in 2020 than years prior. The inability to prioritize threats is identified as the biggest problem (60%) and the complexity and chaos in their SOCs is a major pain point. However, one of the top-ranked pain points is the lack of security tool integration (42%). Integration is important since your teams are likely to have little patience for point solutions that are difficult to get value from.

With the increasing volume of sophisticated threats, organizations need to decrease the time it takes to validate potential threats and allow for faster response times. Automation, orchestration, and case management can help by delegating certain tasks to machines and removing unnecessary roadblocks. It helps to increase your effectiveness in stopping, containing, and preventing attacks. When paired with real-time collaboration functionality, your team will be able to reduce the response time, including containment and remediation, to seconds — not days or weeks.

ThreatConnect’s Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) platform has been proven to reduce the burden on cybersecurity analysts by 50 percent in the first year, helping organizations reduce burnout and attrition rates. In addition, more than 40 playbooks help SOC teams save thousands of work hours that otherwise would be spent on manual, repetitive actions.

ThreatConnect’s SOAR platform provides a central location to leverage the power of humans and automation to define, prioritize and drive standardized incident responses. This puts control directly in the hands of your team and creates the perfect opportunity to bolster staff productivity both through reducing workload and creating workflows that aid in overcoming any workforce challenges.

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Anjali Chauhan

Anjali Chauhan, Content Marketing Manager at ThreatConnect has 4 years of experience in Marketing, Content Creation, and Digital Marketing. Her passion lies in creating meaningful and impactful content. Some of Anjali's favorite hobbies include listening to music from the 80s and 90s, dancing, and spending time with her younger sister.