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On July 9, 2024, ThreatConnect and Polarity joined forces to become one company. 

For the first time ever, threat detection, response, and hunt teams can have seamlessly automated intel, context, and ability to act at the time of decision — quickly and without friction. The combined power of ThreatConnect and Polarity enables threat intel and SOC analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, and offense teams to have real-time aggregated and correlated intel, context, and knowledge from the TIOps Platform, and other distributed data  sources, all in a unified display directly at the points of threat analysis, decision, and response. 

Join us on July 23, at 11am ET/8am PT, for a live webinar and Q&A with Andy Pendergast, EVP of Product and co-founder of ThreatConnect, and Joe Rivela, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Polarity, to hear about the combined power of ThreatConnect TI Ops and Polarity. 

During this webinar, find out how ThreatConnect and Polarity can help you and your team:

  • Go from dozens of browser tabs to one unified view to work smarter and more efficiently
  • Analyze new threat intel faster 
  • Get real-time access to context and knowledge during pen testing and Red Team campaigns
  • Safely integrate approved GenAI solutions (ChatGPT, Gemini, Azure AI, Microsoft Co-Pilot) to harness AI-delivered context for deeper insights and generate summaries from aggregated data and knowledge.
  • Increase your teams’ efficiency and effectiveness, reducing the need for additional resources
  • and more

During the Q&A portion, Andy and Joe will also answer your questions about the combined power of Polarity and ThreatConnect’s products. Submit your question here in advance to maximize the chance of it being answered live.