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Watch our expert-led, customer-only workshop on demand where we’ll cover how ThreatConnect’s ATT&CK Visualizer enhances your defenses. 

In this workshop, you’ll meet ThreatConnect Customer Success Engineer Angel Salcedo as he walks you through our latest feature – ATT&CK Visualizer.

ATT&CK Visualizer: Gain Insights into Threat Actor Behaviors 
ATT&CK Visualizer allows you to leverage the MITRE ATT&CK framework to discover and analyze threat actor tactics, techniques, and sub-techniques –  all within the TI Ops Platform, enabling you to navigate and gain insights into threat actor behaviors for a robust defense. 

In this workshop, we’ll look at how ATT&CK Visualizer empowers you to create standard ATT&CK views, create layers to uncover shared tactics among groups, identify prevalent threats, and assign security controls coverage to specific techniques.

During the workshop, please feel free to create standard views and build your ATT&CK Visualizer layers. Please follow along and create something new on the TI Ops Platform!