What is a SOAR?

Gartner® defines a SOAR platform as ”security orchestration, automation and response technologies that enable organizations to collect security threats data and alerts from different sources, where incident analysis and triage can be performed leveraging a combination of human and machine power to help define, prioritize and drive standardized incident response activities according to a standard workflow. SOAR security platforms allow an organization to organize incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format, such that a range of machine-driven activities can be automated.”

What Our SOAR Platform Provides
SOAR for Security Operations
SOAR for Incident Responders
SOAR for the CISO

ThreatConnect SOAR Venn Diagram Graphic

The capabilities brought forth from each of these three solutions are more than an individual feature. Combining them introduces the ability to truly blend your security processes, teams, and tools together on a foundation of relevant data to ensure all parties involved are getting the most benefits possible from one another.

With increasing volumes of aggressive threats, where rapid response is measured in seconds, organizations need to reduce the time to respond. Using a SOAR platform can help incident response teams coordinate multiple streams of activity handled by different people, all with different roles and expertise, to support a comprehensive response to a security incident.

ThreatConnect is the only security platform today with comprehensive intelligence, analytics, automation, orchestration, and workflow capabilities native within a single solution. With ThreatConnect’s intel-led SOAR, teams improve security operations by delivering enriched, fortified, context-filled threat intelligence along with comprehensive analytics, seamless automation and orchestration, plus workflows and case management so that every member can be more effective individually and the team can be more efficient as a whole.

With ThreatConnect, your entire security team can work out of a single Platform to ensure efforts are being streamlined across case management, security orchestration, and threat intelligence initiatives.

ThreatConnect’s intel-led
SOAR Platform provides:

  • A central location to integrate security tools and processes
  • Playbooks for delegating and automating tasks to remove roadblocks
  • Real-time collaboration across roles and teams
  • Improved efficiency through Workflows and Case Management
  • A continuous feedback loop across intelligence, operations and response teams

SOAR for Security Operations
in ThreatConnect means:

  • Enhanced Detection with High Confidence IOCs
  • Distilling out the most relevant IOCs to the organization through enrichment from intel feeds and CAL™(Collective Analytics Layer)/CAL feeds
  • Sending critical IOCs to SIEM, EDR, Network Security and other controls for quicker detection and response
  • Reduced False Positives to focus on legitimate threats
  • Cross checked alert data with intel feeds and ThreatConnect’s CAL/CAL feeds
  • Bi-directional integrations with all major SIEM providers
  • Automated Initial Processes to Free Up Analysts
  • Intelligence-driven automation of initial triage through customizable workflows and flexible Playbook
  • More quickly determine when a deeper investigation is needed
  • Automatically open a case in ThreatConnect or with a third party tool
  • Improved Quality of Service and Support Scalability with Playbook Servers
  • Dedicated Playbook Servers to specific teams to support varying priorities

SOAR for the CISO
in ThreatConnect means:

  • Identifying the threats that matter most and communicate threat realities to the business
  • Prioritizing response to the issues that matter most
  • Reducing team workload by automating detection and response
  • Breaking down of silos between teams and tech – and get the team focused on more complex problems
  • Demonstrating cost control with ROI metrics built into ThreatConnect Playbooks