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Terms Of Service ThreatConnect
Sandbox Environment Addendum

This THREATCONNECT SANDBOX ENVIRONMENT ADDENDUM (the “Addendum”) is an addendum to, and is hereby incorporated into, the THREATCONNECT.COM TERMS OF SERVICE (“Terms of Service”).  The following Addendum to the Terms of Service forms a binding agreement between you and us.  PLEASE READ THIS ADDENDUM CAREFULLY.  BY CLICKING BELOW, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THIS ADDENDUM.

Additional Definitions

Capitalized terms used in this Addendum that are not otherwise defined in this Addendum have the meaning set forth in the Terms of Service.

  • Application” means computer-based software or an internet accessible system that interacts with a Registered User
  • API” means the application programming interface that causes an Application to respond to automated requests for data or services made by other Applications.
  • API Code” means the API code for Our Technology that enables you to develop an interface or Application plug-in that allows your Application to interface with Our Technology.
  • API License” means the license to the API Code, which is currently licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Integration” means any integration, interface or plug-in between your Applications and Our Technology/Materials.
  • Integration Purposes” means using the API Code (i) for the development of an interface or Application plug-in that allows use of the API Code to access and integrate your Application with the Our Technology/Materials; (ii) to distribute or allow access to your integration of Our Technology/Materials with your Application to Registered Users; and (iii) to display content received from the API Code within your Application or Our Technology as applicable.
  • ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment” means the test environment for testing and validating code for Integration Purposes before migration to any other of Our Technology, and shall include the test server, server software, storage space, software (including API Code), technology and other materials we provide access to as part of the ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment. FOR CLARITY, THE THREATCONNECT SANDBOX ENVIRONMENT IS SPECIFICALLY DEFINED AS SERVICES AND/OR OUR TECHNOLOGY/MATERIALS TO WHICH THE TERMS OF SERVICE APPLY.
  • In accordance with the terms of this Addendum, we shall provide you with the ability to create API keys that enable use of the API Code and your Application with the ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment. You shall protect the confidentiality, secrecy and security of the API keys provided by us and shall not modify or attempt to circumvent the keys.
  • Prior to permitting your Application to integrate with Our Technology via the API Code outside of the ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment we shall, in addition to performing the application security review set forth in Section 4, test your Application to the extent that we determine, in our sole discretion, is necessary to ensure technical and aesthetic interoperability with Our Technology and API Code (“Compatibility”; conversely “Incompatibility”). You shall promptly provide all cooperation required to assist us in such testing, including providing any error corrections and enhancements that we may determine, in our sole discretion, to be necessary to ensure Compatibility.
  • We shall be deemed to have accepted your Application for integration with Our Technology only upon our express written acceptance thereof (“Acceptance”). We shall, in our sole discretion, be permitted to reject and/or deny access by any Application due to Incompatibility at any time, including after Acceptance.  This Addendum shall terminate upon final rejection by us of your Application.
User Restrictions
  • You shall use the ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment solely for Integration Purposes. Any other use of the ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment is expressly prohibited.
  • The ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment is our confidential information.
  • You shall not store Registered User data on the ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment other than data of your own employees unless you notify Registered Users and receive prior, explicit authorization from each Registered User whose data is to be stored by you.
  • You shall promptly report to us any API Code errors relating to: (i) programming; (ii) data processing and logic errors; (iii) a failure to exchange data accurately with the programs with which the API Code is designed to exchange data; or (iv) operation or use of the API Code.
  • If your Application enables the posting of any content to the ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment, you shall first obtain our consent and we shall have the right, but not the obligation, to: (a) review and monitor all content submitted for posting, or posted on, the ThreatConnect Sandbox Environment; and (b) remove, without prior notice to you or any Registered User, any content that we deem in our sole discretion to be in violation of our Terms of Service or code(s) of conduct.
Application Security Review

We may conduct, at any time, by itself or through a third party, periodic security evaluations of your Application, which may include a qualitative assessment involving review of a completed security assessment questionnaire, an interview with your personnel and/or security testing.

Your Warranties

In addition to any representations and warranties made by you in the Terms of Service, you represent, warrant and covenant the following.

  • Your Application does and shall, in all material respects: (i) perform in accordance with its applicable documentation, help files and other descriptions of functionality; (ii) perform in accordance with specifications prepared or communicated by us; (iii) be free from programming, data processing and logic errors; and (iv) efficiently exchange data with Our Technology and all other programs with which it is designed to exchange data.
  • You represent and warrant that, without our prior written consent, you will not use and your Applications will not incorporate, link to, call or depend in any way upon, any software or other intellectual property that may give rise to any third party’s right to use Our Technology/Materials, require us to disclose source code to a third party, or limit our intellectual property rights with respect to Our Technology or other software and/or solutions.