Aggregating Threat Intelligence Feeds
Is Not Enough

Are You Producing Real Threat Intelligence or Just Aggregating Threat Data?

You already have a tool that aggregates your threat intelligence feeds and sends the raw data to your SIEM. You have a place to collaborate and share with your peers. Is that enough? Will that truly protect your organization from cyber threats? Do you want your team chasing false positives, or do you want your team acting on prioritized threats impacting your network?

A Threat Intelligence Platform will provide a place to perform true analysis. You can create incidents and modify them based on your own analysis.  From there you can prioritize the threats impacting your network and launch a plan to mitigate threats.

The first step in identifying thebest/most important threat intelligence feeds that I should integrate within my security operations” would be to understand the various characteristics of your own security operations. With little or no understanding of your security operations one will likely not be in a position to offer very much without this insight. Read more on this topic on our blog by Chief Intelligence Officer Rich Barger below.