The Strategic Advantages of Shifting to a Risk-Led Security Program

Risk, Threat, Response White Paper ThreatConnect
ThreatConnect Risk, Threat, Response White PaperChief Information Security Officers (CISOs) operate in a world full of systemic risk, fueled by forces beyond their individual control. Unfortunately, despite a myriad of technological advances and the adoption of seemingly countless security products — CISOs have gained little in competitive advantage over their adversaries.

Today’s CISOs must do more than protect systems and data from the latest threats; they must become business enablers and champions of risk-based security programs.

Bridging the gap between cybersecurity and the business, however, remains an aspirational goal for many who struggle to understand where to begin. At ThreatConnect, we believe the first step in tackling each of the core business challenges faced by CISOs and their security teams starts with understanding the strategic advantages of shifting to a risk-led security program. Without understanding that risk is a business issue, not a technical issue, CISOs will likely not focus their resources on the right things.

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