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Cyber Security


ThreatConnect and Maltego

ThreatConnect® has partnered with Malformity Labs LLC…

Malicious Code Goes Mobile

The market store for the Andriod phones has hosted at least 50…

Nasdaq Cyber Attack

There were a couple of recent articles released by the Wall Street Journal regarding a possible penetration into the computers that run the Nasdaq stock market. The exchange's trading platform computers were not the ones compromised, but a complete understanding of systems affected by the intrusion is still unknown. It has been reported that other parts of network were accessed, but for how long and what knowledge was gained is an unknown.

The Rise of Digitally Signed Malware

As newer operating systems that either require digitally signed…

Banks See Increased Cyber Attacks

The Zeus Trojan is in the news once again for its success in stealing money from multiple banks. “Operation Trident Breach”, a FBI named operation, was successful in arresting multiple people in multiple countries.