Step 6: Integrate Your Cybersecurity Tools and Systems

Tie it All Together

This is the sixth and final post in a six-post series that addresses how to make the most of your cybersecurity program, especially if you have a small (or growing) team.

We’ve already covered gathering and correlating threat data, determining threat data relevance, prioritizing threat data, sharing threat data, and automating cybersecurity tasks. In case you missed it, Steps 1-5 can be found on the ThreatConnect blog or youtube channel.

The next step is: Integrating all of your cybersecurity tools and systems.

Many (if not all) cybersecurity teams have security tools and systems that help them with their day-to-day tasks. However, those tools tend to work in silos, generating valuable information, but with no way of combining that info with data from the other tools.


That’s where ThreatConnect comes in. ThreatConnect is a true platform – meaning it has an open application program interface (API) and can be programmed and customized by outside developers. The Platform allows you to integrate all of your existing tools and systems, and completely configure the platform to your needs.

ThreatConnect aggregates each tool’s data and combines it with your threat intelligence data, so you can easily spot trends or patterns that are out of the ordinary and act on them efficiently. ThreatConnect already integrates with 100+ security tools and systems, and also provides easy ways to integrate with technologies with which we currently don’t partner. ThreatConnect has three software development kits for building your own apps and integrations, and also allows you to send or ingest data from any tool using our new orchestration feature.

Getting Started

We’ve spent a few weeks discussing how to advance your cybersecurity program. Now that you’ve read all six steps, it is time to get started. A quick and easy way to begin improving your security program is to use a cybersecurity platform. With cyberattacks on the rise, using a platform like ThreatConnect to leverage all of your tools and systems not only saves time, but helps mitigate your risks more quickly, and provides a central place for all of your threat intelligence.

If you are a small team, a platform is particularly helpful as you build your security processes, from ingesting and normalizing your threat data and automating tasks, to collaborating with leadership and industry peers and integrating all of your current investments. With ThreatConnect, your team has a central hub from which to work and develop processes to identify, protect, and respond to threats.

You don’t need to have a big team or a large suite of products to benefit from using ThreatConnect. You can start today, with your current team, to improve how you ingest, store, and prioritize threat data. Then, you can develop intelligence-driven processes to automate manual tasks and streamline your workflow.

Thanks for following along with us. For a complete overview of all six steps, read our white paper.

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