By Need

ThreatConnect for Threat Hunting

Security teams are inundated with triage and response efforts, oftentimes making proactive security exercises like threat hunting a pipe dream. With ThreatConnect®, make threat hunting a regularly occurring exercise and proactively identify security gaps and vulnerabilities. Investigations that previously took days or weeks can now be completed in just minutes.

Fuel Threat Hunting Efforts
with Increased Visibility

ThreatConnect serves as a threat intel aggregator and repository, housing all indicators and intelligence collected from external data feeds, ThreatConnect’s CAL™ (Collective Analytics Layer), and other internal technology solutions. This additional insight automatically applies awareness and understanding of the external threat environment, adding an important piece of the puzzle to your threat hunting efforts.

Integrates with EDR Solutions to Identify Abnormalities Quicker

Most vulnerabilities originate at the endpoint, so analyzing endpoint data is one of the first steps to identifying the presence of a threat. Integrations with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solutions allow for the collection of potential malicious indicators to be sent back to ThreatConnect, cross checked with known bad indicators, and appropriate response efforts to be taken based on the findings.