ThreatConnect for Security Leadership

Let ThreatConnect help accelerate your business strategy with meaningful metrics that bring visibility to your security operations. By measuring how quickly you can detect and respond to cyber threats and drive down false positives provides you with the knowledge necessary to optimize efforts that complement your team, processes and technology.

SOAR tools
Detect and
Respond Quicker
Increase Operational
Cost Control
Reduce Alert

Reduce the Time it Takes to Detect
and Respond to Threats

Removing the friction caused by unnecessary human intervention allows processes to run much smoother. Automating workflows with ThreatConnect Playbooks will reduce detection and response times while ensuring each step is being followed the same way, every time. Additionally, applying external threat intelligence during triage and investigation will allow for greater context around vulnerabilities. This is the power of threat intelligence and SOAR tools in one platform.

SOAR tools

Increase Team Efficiency by
Automating Manual Tasks

Unite your security operations team to correlate, prioritize, and triage alerts, and respond with intel-driven automation and orchestration. Powered by a platform that can enrich investigations, document processes and procedures and facilitate collaborative incident response, teams are equipped with a single source of truth to scale decisions and operate efficiently.

Demonstrate Cost Control with
Customizable Metrics

Security is seen as a huge cost center in most organizations. Demonstrating consistency in tracking your spend shows that you’re always considering costs when making decisions. The savings seen when implementing automation can be seen through an ROI Calculator built into every Playbook. Customizable values tell you, based on how many times any given playbook has been run, how much your organization has saved to date by implementing an automated workflow.

Lower Alert Fatigue
and Improve Morale

SOC teams face a barrage of alerts that are often monitored and triaged through spreadsheets. A platform designed to automate tedious tasks and facilitate intel-driven operations can not only help you optimize processes, but also creates opportunities for the team to develop more specialization, to reduce attrition, and improve team morale.