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It’s not easy keeping your own organization secure, let alone providing managed security for others. With ThreatConnect®, MSSPs can provide greater value to clients, work more efficiently as a team, and provide threat intelligence as a service.

Grow Your Internal Threat
Intelligence Capabilities

With ThreatConnect, analyst and SOC teams can streamline workflows, automate threat data aggregation and enrichment, and work closely with your incident response (IR) team to deploy automated action on threat intelligence across multiple customers at one time. Also, you can collaborate with various industry communities to enhance the threat intelligence you use and develop to protect your customers.

Market Threat Intelligence as a Service Offering

You can deploy ThreatConnect as your primary platform to aggregate and analyze threat intelligence, and then automatically act on that validated threat intel to make your customers’ security infrastructure smarter. With ThreatConnect’s powerful API, you can integrate your ThreatConnect instance with your customers’ security infrastructure and push rules to their endpoint protection devices.

Build A Community to Expand
Reach and Increase Service Value

Your clients are able to crowdsource better quality threat intelligence with support from your team and your private customer community. They can retain control of the data flowing into their network and benefit from your role as a force multiplier.

Become an
MSSP Partner

ThreatConnect partners with MSSPs worldwide to use threat intelligence to improve and enhance the security and quality of service that providers offer to their clients.