Intelligence-Powered Operations for Software Companies

ThreatConnect understands the challenges that ISV organizations experience when it comes to cybersecurity:

  • Cyber attacks are increasing year after year and recovering from a cyber attack is costly.
  • Cybersecurity operations cost more and are less effective if not managed without the proper investments.
  • Coordinating and integrating technologies for critical processes diverts resources from higher-value activities.
  • Investments in security tools that don’t integrate seamlessly and effectively wastes budget and resources.

Our Customers

  • Challenges
  • Sophisticated threat actors are increasingly targeting software vendors as a way to infiltrate other companies from one environment to another attack surface.
  • A stack of various technologies and workflows leads to high complexity, a lack of visibility and coordination across the entire organization, lowering defenses and increasing the risk of being breached.
  • As SaaS organizations grow and mature, they face the same challenges as large Enterprises face around building their expertise, processes and technologies needed to secure cloud environments
  • ThreatConnect’s Solutions
  • A multi-tenancy platform that helps serve multiple teams across the organization and reduces workflow and technology complexities by minimizing integrations across operation tools to easily connect teams and their processes
  • With one integrated platform, security teams can easily create, collect and share cyber intelligence and optimize a defined threat detection and response process across the organization.
  • ThreatConnect reduces tech complexity with one platform that can serve multiple teams and be scaled over time.

Make Quicker & More Confident Decisions with Fast
Intelligence Sharing

Reduce the time it takes to get high confidence intelligence to operations teams with:

  • A single source of truth
  • Automation
  • Robust integrations

And, during investigations, your SOC team can uncover new intelligence and global context that can continue growing your threat library.

Actionable threat intel helps guide security operations toward better decisions, and security operations serve as the source of valuable new intelligence.