Welcome to the R-CISC Community in ThreatConnect

The R-CISC is the trusted cybersecurity community for retailers, consumer product and service organizations, and cybersecurity industry partners worldwide. The R-CISC, through its operation as the Retail ISAC supports its members base that represents over $1 Trillion in annual revenues by serving as the conduit for collaboration, threat intelligence sharing and cooperation. We do this by building and sustaining valuable programs, partnerships, products and opportunities that enable our members to grow in their trust–based relationships, strategic knowledge and tactical capabilities. Through the R-CISC, members of all sizes share cyber intelligence on incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, and associated threat remediation because as a community, we understand that we are stronger together.

R-CISC has teamed up with ThreatConnect to provide R-CISC members with a free threat intelligence sharing platform. The ThreatConnect platform supports R-CISC through a continuous learning and collaboration environment. The platform allows R-CISC members to share and collaborate with each other within and among their own threat intelligence and cybersecurity teams. ThreatConnect allows users to aggregate and normalize cyber threat information from a wide variety of government and private sources.