Step 3: Prioritize Your Data

BG Step 3 Prioritize Your Data

Prioritize Your Threat Data by Quality, Relevance, and Accuracy

This is the third of a six-blog series that will address how to make the most of your cybersecurity program, especially if you have a small (or growing) team.

Step 1 covered gathering and correlating threat data. Step 2 talked about how to get the context behind the data, so you can determine how relevant it is for your organization. Next, we are going to start prioritizing our data.

No matter what your team size, it is critical that you spend your time addressing real threats to your organization, rather than wasting time on false positives or information that isn’t relevant. Using ThreatConnect, you are able to prioritize your data by quality, relevance, and accuracy.




The ThreatConnect platform gives you additional context regarding your indicators, allowing you to start understanding the quality, relevancy, and accuracy of your threat data. ThreatConnect has rating scales built right into the software configuration, providing you a quick and easy way to rate your data, or to see how others have rated your data in the past.

ThreatConnect can also show you how often a particular indicator has been observed in your network and tie it back to the source in the platform. The platform also has false-positive reporting capability, so you can see if an indicator is known as good, even if it is already associated with an incident. This allows you to focus your time and effort on real threats.

As you start to evaluate many different indicators, you begin to compare the information about them and prioritize what to work on first. In ThreatConnect, you can organize all of your indicators or groups by false positives, number of times observed in your network, or by threat rating. For step by step instructions, watch the above video.

Differentiating your sources by quality, relevance, and accuracy arms you with the knowledge needed to strategically decide how to prioritize your team’s time and resources.

See you next time for Step 4!

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