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ThreatConnect Ep. 14: Jacob Ansari, CISO of Schellman & Company LLC

Jacob Ansari, CISO of Schellman & Company LLC, joins us for the 5th and final installment of our CISO challenge series, where we’ve been asking global chief information security officers how they are approaching five key business challenges facing all cybersecurity programs.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) operate in a world full of systemic risk, fueled by forces beyond their individual control. Unfortunately, despite a myriad of technological advances and the adoption of seemingly countless security products  —  CISOs have gained little competitive advantage over their adversaries.

According to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) future series report, Cybersecurity, emerging technology and systemic risk, “the approach to cybersecurity needs to be overhauled before the industry finds itself in any fit state to tackle the threat.”

Overhauling and future-proofing cybersecurity will require a new strategic technological approach to addressing five global cybersecurity challenges:

  1. The increasing sophistication of cyberattacks and cyber adversaries
  2. The widening cybersecurity skills gap
  3. A lack of intelligence and operational information sharing
  4. The inability to assess, communicate and manage the financial impact of cyber events – and thus the business risk to the organization
  5. Underinvestment and lack of business buy-in for security programs

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Jacob Ansari CISO Shellman & Company

Jacob Ansari, CISO, Schellman & Company LLC.

About our Guest

Jacob Ansari is the CISO for Schellman & Company, LLC, where he oversees the information security program. Jacob was previously a Senior Manager with Schellman and the technology for the PCI practice where he managed assessments, provided technical and standards expertise, mentored and trained other assessors, and provided strategic leadership for the practice. Jacob’s information security career spans 20 years, with deep expertise in information security assessment, consulting, and compliance services.