It's 5 O'SOC Somewhere: Playbooks 2.0

The It’s 5 O’SOC Somewhere team brings you the details behind the new release of ThreatConnect 6.2 and the introduction of Playbooks 2.0.

We recently launched ThreatConnect 6.2! There’s a variety of new capabilities introduced in this release, most notable are our brand new browser extension and the other is going to be the topic of our episode today – Playbooks 2.0!

So what is Playbooks 2.0? Well, Playbook 2.0 is a total revamp of our Playbooks capability, really giving you more power and flexibility to get your tools talking to each other: think of it as enabling greater amounts of collaboration through enabling simplified and more scalable automation and orchestration. It probably goes without saying at this point that automation and orchestration of security processes greatly benefit organizations of all types and sizes and clunky usability and difficult management are oftentimes blockers to implementation. Utilizing Playbooks to handle the creation of these automated workflows across different teams and technologies sometimes falls to a specific individual or two do the subject matter expertise thought to be required when it comes to Playbook Building.

Playbooks 2.0

Playbooks 2.0 is the result of understanding the intricacies and nuances of the Playbook Building process, removing complexities, and replacing them with enablers to make repeatable and scalable automation a reality.