Welcome to the ONG-ISAC Community in ThreatConnect

ONG-ISAC has teamed up with ThreatConnect to provide ONG-ISAC members with a free threat intelligence sharing platform. The power of ThreatConnect in combination with aggregated ONG-ISAC Community sourced intel and ONG-ISAC data sources provides the oil and natural gas community refined intelligence to preemptively act on new threats, respond quicker to impending threats, and automatically respond to existing threats.

All ONG-ISAC members qualify for:

  • A Free ThreatConnect Organization Account including:
    •  3 users
    • 10,000 indicators
    • A “Restricted” API user with access to the ONG-ISAC Community and ONG-ISAC data
  • Access to the ONG-ISAC Community to collaborate with other ONG-ISAC members
  • Access to the ONG-ISAC data sources
  • Access to ThreatConnect’s Communities and open source data feeds
  • Access to ThreatConnect’s Premium features and bi-directional API is available at a discount to ONG-ISAC members