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ThreatConnect Offers Soltra Users an Immediate Alternative Solution

ThreatConnect Offers Soltra Edge Users a Free Account Configured with Their Chosen ISAC

November 17, 2016 – Arlington, VA – With Soltra’s announcement this week that they will be winding down their product starting immediately, users were faced with the dilemma of how to respond – build their own solution or buy one. Another alternative is being presented to users by ThreatConnect, provider of the industry’s only intelligence-driven defense platform with complete aggregation, analysis, and automation capabilities. ThreatConnect is  offering a free subscription configured with data from the ISAC of choice for all Soltra Edge users. This free account will also include many of the other threat intel management features that ThreatConnect users appreciate.

ThreatConnect already helps ACTRA, R-CISC and other ISACs or ISAOs support their members with data and collaboration. This new product is similar to what the members of those ISACs already receive, With this new product, companies that were using Soltra can continue to get the ISAC data they need immediately without interruption or new development.

“With Soltra already winding down their support and a mere few months until the product is no longer supported at all, organizations do not have much time to find a really good alternative,” said Adam Vincent, CEO of ThreatConnect. “We’ve created this option to help them make the switch right now easily and seamlessly. ”

Along with filling the data gap left behind by Soltra Edge, ThreatConnect’s new free organization account also provides the added benefits of using a threat intelligence platform, including:

  • three (3) user accounts to collaborate with each other and the community
  • access to dozens of open source intelligence feeds (OSINT)
  • tools to enrich active and historic indicators, incidents and threats

To claim your free Soltra-Alternative account on the ThreatConnect platform, visit, call 800-965-2708, or email

ISACs interested in using ThreatConnect to support their members can learn more at, call 800-965-2708, or email

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ThreatConnect® unites cybersecurity people, processes and technologies behind a cohesive intelligence-driven defense. Built for security teams at all maturity levels, the ThreatConnect platform enables organizations to benefit from their collective knowledge and talents; develop security processes; and leverage their existing technologies to identify, protect and respond to threats in a measurable way. More than 1,200 companies and agencies worldwide use ThreatConnect to maximize the value of their security technology investments, combat the fragmentation of their security organizations, and enhance their infrastructure with relevant threat intelligence. To learn more, visit:

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