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Cyber Squared Inc. Launches Latest ThreatConnect Release

Release Incorporates Attributes 2.0, Security Labels, and Google Authenticator

Cyber Squared Inc. announced today that ThreatConnect™, the leading threat intelligence platform, has launched their latest product release. The release includes an updated attributes capability, security labels, and the ability to login through Google Authenticator.

“We are continually adding valuable services to ThreatConnect,” said CEO Adam Vincent. “With our latest release, Cyber Squared continues its commitment to developing the most mature and innovative product on the market today. Since we began building our product over two years ago and were the first threat intelligence platform to launch, we have seen continued success and growth. Our customers and partners continue to fuel our development and are fully aligned with our passion for improving security operations and analytics today.

The latest release of ThreatConnect is immediately available to all 2,000 users of the product, with updates to both private cloud and on-premises customers coming soon. New features include:

Attributes 2.0: Attributes 2.0 turns ThreatConnect’s ability to provide context around Indicators, Incidents, and Threats into a “power tool” that can adapt to your organization’s threat management and incident response processes. This update allows account specific “private” attributes with user defined regular expression or XSD based validation rules. Now threat intelligence, SOC, and incident response teams within an organization can create custom attributes to suit their needs and daily processes.

Community specific attributes can be also created for providing context relevant to multiple organizations sharing intelligence. Global attributes are system wide allowing context to be shared across communities with no loss of fidelity.

With our ThreatConnect™ API, organizations will be able to access any custom attributes they create, so any integration to ThreatConnect may include these attributes.

Security Labels: New Security Labels add a granular level of control for what users can contribute to communities within ThreatConnect. Security labels can be used to apply sharing protocols such as Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) or other security classifications to the data within ThreatConnect. They can be added to all Indicators and Attributes giving users the power to decide what information is or is not shared. Users with administrative privileges to their accounts can create customized security labels unique to their own accounts or private communities they direct. Security Labels are not viewable outside of a user’s account, so no other users can view how data is categorized or shared.

Google Authenticator: Users now have the ability to leverage Google Authenticator as part of ThreatConnect’s multifactor authentication using the Google Authenticator application. Along with the ability to restrict logins by IP address already available within ThreatConnect, this further strengthens the account’s security available to all ThreatConnect users.

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Cyber Squared Inc., is a global provider of threat intelligence and security technology solutions. Cyber Squared’s ThreatConnect™ provides the most advanced, collaborative threat intelligence platform combining threat data collection and advanced analysis.  Designed by top security analysts but employable by anyone, Cyber Squared’s ThreatConnect enables the security community to develop a more complete understanding of threats targeting their organizations through automated and dynamic threat intelligence.  More than 2,000 users and organizations worldwide leverage the power of ThreatConnect every day to detect, characterize, and counter targeted cyber attacks.  The ThreatConnect Community can be accessed by visiting Learn more about Cyber Squared Inc. at

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