ME ISAC Media + Entertainment

Welcome to the
ME-ISAC ThreatConnect Community

The ME-ISAC and ThreatConnect have teamed up to provide the Media & Entertainment industry with a platform to collect, collaborate, and disseminate threat intelligence pertinent to our industry. This platform will allow the ME-ISAC to collect information from a wide variety of government, private, and member threat intel sources, normalize that data into a single feed, and then provide that data to our members in order for those members to better tune their defenses to protect against the latest risks and threats.


In signing up for this service, the participant hereby acknowledges and agrees to the following:

  • Participant agrees to share and receive information via the Platform in accordance to their ME-ISAC Membership and Data Sharing Agreements.
  • Participant acknowledges that participation is voluntary and that either the Participant or the ME-ISAC may terminate such participation at any time.
  • The ME-ISAC Community is a close community where the information shared is for the benefit of its members, and data contained herein is not to be shared outside the community except where Traffic Light Protocol compliant data classification markers indicate such sharing is allowed.