Deliver More Value With ThreatConnect

Learn How Your MSSP Will Enhance Its Capabilities, Reduce Expenses, and Increase Revenue Potential


MSSPs like you offer protection that many businesses simply can’t live without. With ThreatConnect, you can deliver even more value. ThreatConnect partners with MSSPs worldwide to use threat intelligence to improve and enhance the security and quality of service that providers offer to their clients. Many MSSPs integrate the ThreatConnect platform into their organization’s operations and into their managed security services to unite people, processes, and technologies internally, and implement an intelligence-driven defense.

Why Integrate ThreatConnect into Your MSSP’s Current Security Operations?

  • Provide better detection, protection, and remediation services using threat intelligence
  • Grow Your Internal Threat Intelligence (TI) Capabilities
  • Market Threat Intelligence as a Service to Existing Customers (API fueled)
  • Grow Customer Share of Wallet by Offering Collaborative Security
  • Deepen the threat analysis and response capabilities of your own Security Operation Center, improving quality of service

Start Delivering Greater Value to Clients