Make smarter, faster decisions by combining threat intelligence and orchestration

Adjust processes automatically as information and context changes

Intelligence-driven orchestration is data first; security orchestration is action first. When your threat intelligence is stored in a data model you’re familiar with and assigned appropriate threat scores to understand severity and relevance, you can set your processes to automatically adjust if the threat landscape changes.

Increase your accuracy, confidence, and precision

Situational awareness and historical context is key to decision-making. Working directly from threat intelligence allows you to work quicker and prevent attacks before they happen. The more you can automate up front, the more proactive you can be. By eliminating false positives and using validated intelligence you are increasing the accuracy of the actions taken. This accuracy leads to confidence and improves speed and precision.

Understand context and improve over time

When you automate tasks based on threat intelligence thresholds such as indicator scores, and memorialize all of that information, you can strategically look at your processes to determine how to improve.

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