Step 4: Collaborate and Share

BG Step 4 Collaborate and Share

This is the fourth of a six-blog series that will address how to make the most of your cybersecurity program, especially if you have a small (or growing) team.

We’ve already covered gathering and correlating threat data, determining threat data relevance, and prioritizing threat data. In case you missed it, Steps 1-3 can be found on the ThreatConnect blog or youtube channel.

The next step is collaborating with peers and sharing threat intelligence.

Companies worldwide are experiencing similar threats daily. When you are a small or growing team, validating your data and collaborating with your peers is crucial.

In ThreatConnect, you can securely share your data with your peers. You can ask them how they handled an incident, or even offer to share your own experience and expertise. ThreatConnect’s Communities give users a completely secure place to collaborate with their peers on different threats. In the communities, users can share with their real name, anonymously, or with a pseudonym.

ThreatConnect already has a number of private communities that you can request to join. Or, you can create your own. By leveraging the knowledge of a community of experts in your field or vertical, you’ll gain a comprehensive perspective of the threat landscape, and receive experienced guidance on how to act.

What about sharing with management? Even the smallest teams usually have a leader or external stakeholder that needs to be updated regarding relevant security incidents or threats. If you don’t have a central place for your data, or an easy way to present it to others, you will waste valuable hours gathering and compiling information on threats.

ThreatConnect makes this easy. When you view an incident in ThreatConnect, there is a one-click button that creates a PDF report for you – no manual information compiling needed.

Collaborating with your peers on threats provides a better picture of the threat, and may even provide the information needed to protect your organization from an attack – keeping your valuable resources safe.


See you next time for Step 5!

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Anna Schena

As ThreatConnect’s Product Marketing Manager, Anna works closely with our engineering, product, and sales teams to ensure that the market is fully aware of our platform capabilities. Originally from Michigan, now a resident of Virginia, Anna will always be a Midwesterner at heart. She holds a B.S. in psychology from Canisius College (Buffalo), with a double minor in business and studio art.