Welcome to the E-ISAC Community in ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect has teamed up with E-ISAC, the leading provider of security services to electricity service owners and operators in the USA, Canada, and portions of Mexico. The ThreatConnect Platform supports E-ISAC through a continuous learning and collaboration environment. The Platform allows E-ISAC member to share and collaborate with each other within and among their own threat intelligence and cybersecurity teams. ThreatConnect allows users to aggregate and normalize cyber threat information from a wide variety of government and private sources.


  • In connection with the undersigned’s participation in the E-ISAC STIX-TAXII Service via the ThreatConnect Platform (the “Platform”), the undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees as follows:
    • The undersigned agrees to share and receive information via the Platform.
    • The undersigned acknowledges that its participation is part of its voluntary participation in a pilot program being conducted by the E-ISAC, and that both the undersigned and the E-ISAC may terminate such participation at any time.
    • The undersigned acknowledges that its participation in the Platform is governed by and subject to the terms and conditions of the E-ISAC User Agreement, effective October 27, 2016, as such User Agreement is amended by the E-ISAC from time to time.