Want a Stronger Cybersecurity Program? Don’t Just Buy Another Tool!

Cyberattacks are increasing rapidly. Organizations are trying to keep up by acquiring the next new tool or another threat feed. This does not work. Each individual tool can quickly become obsolete, and only addresses a single facet of the real problem. Your current tools and feeds all work in silos and have no way to talk to one another. You don’t need another tool - you need your tools to work together! The ThreatConnect cybersecurity platform is the force multiplier you need to tie your entire security infrastructure together. ThreatConnect is the critical component that will unite your team, automate manual tasks, and help make the most of your existing tools.

  • Make the Most Efficient and Effective Use of Your Resources
  • Make Your Products Work Together - Integrate your security infrastructure with ThreatConnect's open API and 50+ out-of-the-box integrations
  • Save Time by Determining What is Relevant
  • Automate Processes So You May Focus More Time On Higher Criticality Projects
  • Maximize Current Investments - When you have one central place for all of your tools, each tool works better, smarter, and faster
  • Full Platform Customization - Use ThreatConnect's three software development kits to modify the platform for your organization's needs

Tie Your Current Tools Together