ThreatConnect Customer Meet-up:

Live in Houston

February 12, 2020

Join us for a one-day event exclusively for ThreatConnect customers to talk and learn about all things ThreatConnect. We’ll do several training sessions (and show real-life examples in the Platform), hear from fellow customers, and also provide a preview of what’s coming in the Platform.

February 12, 2020

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM – Training
4:00 PM – drinks and dinner

Marriott Marquis Houston
1777 Walker St
Houston, TX 77010


9:00 AM: Registration & Breakfast
9:30 AM: Training: 5 Things You Might Not Be Doing in ThreatConnect …But Should Be
10:30 AM: Break
11:00 AM: Customer Roundtable
12:00 PM: Lunch
12:30 PM: Training: Playbooks Overview & Best Practices
1:30 PM: Roadmap Overview
2:30 PM: Break
3:00 PM: ThreatBucks Game
4:00 PM: Drinks and dinner for those who can join us

Agenda Details:

5 Things You Might Not be Doing in ThreatConnect …But Should Be

We’ve pinpointed the top five things that we don’t always see customers doing in the Platform, but that we think could be super helpful. They are also the five things that we get the most questions about from customers. One of our Customer Success Managers, will walk through:

1. Operationalizing and optimizing ThreatAssess/CAL in your environment.
2. Tags and Attributes – when you should be using a Tag and when you should be using an attribute.
3. Customizing dashboards for your organization so that you can gain more insight into your threat intelligence and operations.
4. Enriching data with third party sources to get the most out of the Platform.
5. Deploying and using the ThreatConnect Data Model to get the best results.

Customer Roundtable

This is your chance to ask questions, tell us what you’ve done with the platform, and share ideas with each other. We’ll have some topics to kick it off, but would love to let you steer the conversation.

Playbooks Overview & Best Practices

Playbooks can help you automate many time consuming tasks – from ingesting threat data to malware analysis to data enrichment. During this session we’ll go over best practices and do a live demo. We’ll go through how to:

  • Build Playbooks that automatically run based on events in your network.
  • Easily send indicators to any of ThreatConnect’s 100+ integration partners including firewalls and SIEMS.
  • Ingest and send data from any tool (including tools not yet integrated with ThreatConnect).
  • Build a Component and use it in multiple Playbooks.

Roadmap Overview

We’ll show you what we have in store for the Platform – from a high level and also some upcoming features and capabilities.

ThreatBucks Game

This is your chance to tell us what you want in the Platform. We’ll give you some fake money – aka ThreatBucks – and you get to bid on what features and capabilities you’d like to see.*

*There is no guarantee that the features you bid on will actually be implemented into the Platform.

Drinks & Dinner