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Star Wars

Threat Intelligence and the Downfall of the Galactic Empire

Threat Intelligence and the Downfall of the Galactic Empire ThreatConnect…

Intel’s in the way that you use it, Snoke don’t you know

It’s in the way that you fuse it Intel comes and it goes…

Sending Aspiring Jedi Knights to Dagobah System

ThreatConnect builds academic partnerships to train the next…

5 Ways TIPs Can Enhance Your SIEM

The SIEM is the Pan, the TIP is the Kitchen, Or: 5 Ways TIPs…

Offense Wins Games, Defense Wins Super Bowls

Super Bowl Champions: How Threat Intelligence Platforms Create…

ThreatConnect Episode IV: A New Scope

What's New in ThreatConnect 4.0? A few months ago I was sitting…

Hunting Adversaries w/ Diamond Dashboard for Splunk

Action - the other half of the battle As a kid, G.I. Joe ranked…

Threat Intelligence-Driven Risk Analysis

Way, way too long ago, we started a series exploring the relationship…

CameraShy: Infrastructure Analysis

The Hunt for GreenSky27 CameraShy shed light on the Chinese…