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How-to Guides

Top 5 ThreatConnect Resources for Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis. Some may say it's the most exciting part of…

The Power and Responsibility of Customer Data and Analytics

How ThreatConnect stores, uses, and protects customer data   There…

Query a Host or URL Indicator in's Wayback Machine

One-Click querying of the Wayback Machine See if a website has…

Playbook Fridays:  Using Playbooks to populate custom attributes

Create Custom Attribute Types and Validation Rules, then use…

Please Do Not Feed the Phish

How to Avoid Phishing Attacks We've all heard the phishing…

Playbook Fridays: Task Management

Playbook Fridays: Task Management Simulate a task in ThreatConnect…

Playbook Fridays: Have You Been Pwned?

Playbook Fridays: Check haveibeenpwned for indicators Enriching…

Best Practices for Dashboards in Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence

Explained Using New ThreatConnect Dashboards  There's no shortage…

Playbook Fridays: How to Query with Playbooks

Query for abuse contacts registered to a domain ThreatConnect…