ThreatConnect Officially Launches an Exclusive Subscriber Community with Advanced Threat Shares

As part of ThreatConnect’s official commercial launch on August 1, the ThreatConnect Research Team began the planned offering of its Advanced Threat Shares to our exclusive Subscriber Community.  As the ThreatConnect community is growing rapidly, we have now formally launched this  Subscriber Community and will be sharing analyzed threat activity into this community on a daily basis, and even more frequently as we continue to expand.

Exclusive Subscriber Community

As part of ongoing commitment to global security, we will continue to offer Open Threat Shares to the community as a whole through our Common Community which is available to all users regardless of subscription level.  Open Threat Shares are those we regularly assemble from multiple attributable sources and verify, but which do not include proprietary sources or undergo the more rigorous research and analysis involved with our Advanced Threat Shares.

This change in no way affects users’ ability to contribute threat information and indicators to the Common Community,  but now offers a means for paid subscribers of ThreatConnect to also contribute to the Subscriber Community which has more active involvement from ThreatConnect Research and an additional level of subscriber vetting.

Feel free to email us at support[at] with any questions you may have or sales[at] if you are interested in becoming part of the Subscriber Community.  If you are following us on twitter @ThreatConnect you will see information on where new threats have been shared by named community.


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