ThreatConnect: Mission Control for U.S. Government Cyber Operations

Across the United States Federal Government there are multiple initiatives underway aimed at improving the Nation’s cybersecurity posture. You may be focused on requirements outlined under the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act, FITARA, The Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cyber Security of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure, or any number of others. Across the board you will find common threads related to developing a better understanding of evolving cyber risks; enhancing the effectiveness of your teams; improving the efficiencies of many vendor technologies; managing your risks, and sharing of critical intelligence related to those risks across your Agency and in a Government wide capacity.

Sounds simple, right?

Unfortunately, there is a lack of specificity as to how these goals are to be accomplished. From these mandates you might ask yourself;

  • What technology solutions should be implemented to meet these requirements?
  • What processes need to be in place?
  • Am I taking full advantage of my existing technologies?

Enter ThreatConnect – a silver bullet for answering these questions and checking mandated priorities off your list, and inside this fiscal year at that!

ThreatConnect is a behavior based, analytic Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform enriched by external and internal intelligence that serves as mission control for cybersecurity operations. ThreatConnect was built on the expertise and experience of threat analysts and hunt teams for the purpose of meeting the growing need for a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) and SOAR solution for the United States Federal Government.

Efficiency Through Automation and Orchestration

The only way for cybersecurity teams to simultaneously address the daily pressures of alert triage, incident response, SOC operations, case management, and forensic analysis is to maximize the efficiency of existing staff with repeatable, documented automation and workflows. That’s why ThreatConnect evolved from its origins as a TIP to include industry leading SOAR capabilities.

Cloning the workflows of your most experienced analysts and operators and automating their processes might seem an impossible ask. But, the ThreatConnect Platform allows you to easily take those manual tasks and turn them into repeatable process templates to ensure consistency across operations, minimizing the risk of missing critical steps or evidence. Reducing the time to uncover relevant threats is also critical. ThreatConnect improves efficiencies and gives operators an easy to use experience, not a “black box” approach. So, silos between SOC, IR, and threat intel teams are effectively eliminated. Now, the entire cyber group can seamlessly collaborate to solve mission problems.

Effective Risk Management

Effective risk management can only be achieved by having all of the information you need readily available to make effective decisions. ThreatConnect ingests intelligence from a wide variety of class/unclass/OSINT sources which is then normalized and operationalized resulting in unparalleled situational awareness.

The effect is game changing. Decisions can now be made on real actionable data, (artifacts) in real time, ensuring that humans and machines are driven by the highest fidelity intelligence.

ThreatConnect makes it possible for these artifacts to be refined into intelligence to inform decisions for future operations. Threat intelligence may be the catalyst for taking an action or starting a process and informing how the process and decision making are done throughout. As threat intelligence drives your orchestrated actions, the result of those actions can be used to create or enhance existing threat intelligence. An OODA loop is created using threat intelligence to drive orchestration, and orchestration to enhance threat intelligence thus reducing the risk to your organization.

Advance the Mission!

Think of ThreatConnect as the central nervous system for your cybersecurity ecosystem. It is a place for the entire security team to work faster, smarter, and together. It drives efficiencies in your security operations by delivering enriched, fortified, context-filled intelligence signaling a single source of truth.

The Platform natively delivers tremendous benefits for cyber operators while supporting leadership and the requirements to minimize risk and reduce the technologies in your security stack. TIP and SOAR are now a single solution, no longer two separate technology buys with separate support teams and integrations.

With ThreatConnect, your intelligence feeds operations and operations informs intelligence for future actions, continually improving the time to detect and respond to threats. ThreatConnect provides an approach that allows you to filter down to what matters most — actionable intelligence and the ability to better protect high risk Agency assets.

Learn more about ThreatConnect today – request a demo and we’ll show you how you can get your Agency on the pathway to meeting mandates and improving cyber operations inside this fiscal year!

About the Author

ThreatConnect is the only security platform with comprehensive intelligence, analytics, automation, orchestration, and workflow capabilities native within a single solution. With ThreatConnect, you will be able to increase accuracy and efficiency, improve collaboration of teams and technology, strengthen business-security goal alignment, and build a single source of truth for your entire security team.