Maturing Your Cybersecurity Program

Mature Your Cybersecurity Program

Create Your Own Threat Intelligence

One of the most important actions one can take in ThreatConnect is actually getting data into the Platform. Although we have robust tools for importing structured and unstructured data, many of our users are actually looking to create new intelligence and adapt it to suit their workflow.

Creating threat intelligence indicates a new level of maturity for many organizations – they have moved beyond simply ingested threat indicators and checking for matches in their environment, to proactively searching for information about threats. Understandably, this process can be very time consuming.

We’ve made threat intelligence creation easy. ThreatConnect’s Create feature allows you to build and store your own indicators and groups in ThreatConnect. Simply click on CREATE in the top navigation to get to the Create feature. Here, you can quickly and easily add descriptions, tags, and associations.





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Anna Schena

As ThreatConnect’s Product Marketing Manager, Anna works closely with our engineering, product, and sales teams to ensure that the market is fully aware of our platform capabilities. Originally from Michigan, now a resident of Virginia, Anna will always be a Midwesterner at heart. She holds a B.S. in psychology from Canisius College (Buffalo), with a double minor in business and studio art.