Journal of Cyber Policy’s, Crouching Threat Hunter, Hidden Adversary

This week, Alex Valdivia, ThreatConnect’s Director of Research penned an article for the Journal of Cyber Policy entitled, Crouching Threat Hunter, Hidden Adversary in which he discusses how threat hunting “helps to sleuth out the more human dimensions of a bad actor as well as the behaviors that provide crucial information about security incidents or weaknesses that might otherwise go undetected.”

Further, he writes, “While threat hunting is considered a proactive strategy, it also comprises reactive and retroactive components. When an organization identifies the pertinence of an adversary, the team wants to not only identify intelligence that will be relevant in the future, but also to determine whether information related to that actor might be related to past activity.”

Your adversaries are adaptive; you should be, too. Using ThreatConnect, you and your team can make threat hunting a regularly occurring exercise and proactively identify security gaps and vulnerabilities. Investigations that previously took days or weeks can now be completed in just minutes. With an intelligence-led SOAR platform like ThreatConnect, modeling and analyzing adversary capability and intent can help you drive better decision making. And, help you prioritize your human and technological investments, and better understand risk.

With proper threat hunting you can combat bad actors by uncovering them where they’re hiding, identifying relevant information, and providing actionable insights.

Read the full article, here.

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