CyberEdge Survey Results: Security Orchestration and Automation are the new Black

The CyberEdge Group recently published the 2020 CyberThreat Defense Report, a survey of more 1,200 IT security decision makers and practitioners worldwide, each with over 500 employees. Their top insights were:

  1. The bad guys are more active than ever
  2. Ransomware attacks and payments continue to rise
  3. People are the biggest problem
  4. IT Security is having some successes
  5. Advanced security analytics and machine learning are becoming “must-haves”

Not surprising that the top three obstacles to better security reported were: too much data to analyze, poor/insufficient automation of threat detection, and more jobs than personnel.

TL;DR the research recommends the following:

  • Incorporate automation and orchestration
  • Strengthen analysis and pattern recognition
  • Get ahead of the bad guys with threat hunting and deception

At ThreatConnect, we are well aware of these obstacles and have been focused on addressing them from our very inception. We’re also perfectly positioned to help you implement the recommendations from CyberEdge.

ThreatConnect’s intelligence-driven Security Orchestration Automation and Response platform (SOAR) reduces data analysis by filtering signal from noise, supports constant improvement and automation of processes not only in threat detection but across all security workflows, and helps overcome resource constraint through that automation.

ThreatConnect’s comprehensive intelligence, analytics, automation, orchestration, and workflow capabilities strengthen analysis and pattern recognition and ultimately help your organization get ahead of the bad guys.

Security orchestration and automation integrates technologies across your ecosystem and allows you to conduct better defensive actions: it increases your effectiveness in stopping, containing, and preventing attacks. Working from a single platform, is critical to successful coordination of detection and response initiatives. It keeps knowledge sharing across these teams fluid and instantaneous.

And, the ThreatConnect Platform serves as a threat intel aggregator and repository, housing all indicators and intelligence collected from external data feeds, ThreatConnect’s CAL™ (Collective Analytics Layer), and other internal technology solutions. This additional insight automatically applies understanding and awareness of the external threat environment, adding an important element to your threat hunting efforts.

Taken one step further, orchestration informed by intelligence on threats and your environment is more effective, resilient, and adaptive. An intelligence-led approach will inform your strategy for orchestration in two key ways:

  • Orchestration playbooks can be built to be more adaptive to changing adversary capabilities, attack patterns, and infrastructure as both internal and external threat intelligence is available. In some cases, threat intelligence allows the process to automatically adjust itself and helps you drive further decision-making.
  • And with Workflow, ThreatConnect allows users to not only enrich cases with both internal and external threat intelligence, but also provides the ability to generate intelligence from those cases to be added back into the Platform.

When using intelligence and orchestration together, situational awareness and historical data determine when and how a task should be done. Intelligence allows the process to be adaptive to the changing environment. And, allows you to strategically plan for a better program.

When taking this idea of informed and adaptive orchestration, and practically applying it to security operations and incident response to dynamically solve problems, you’ve got an intel-led SOAR platform that solves the core problems confronting information security today.

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About the Author

ThreatConnect is the only security platform with comprehensive intelligence, analytics, automation, orchestration, and workflow capabilities native within a single solution. With ThreatConnect, you will be able to increase accuracy and efficiency, improve collaboration of teams and technology, strengthen business-security goal alignment, and build a single source of truth for your entire security team.