ThreatConnect Training: Save Time and Act Faster with Playbooks

Automate almost any cybersecurity process – no coding needed


Ingesting threat data, malware analysis, and data enrichment can all be time consuming tasks. To learn how to automate these things (along with almost any cybersecurity task) using an easy drag-and-drop interface, watch the video, Save Time and Act Faster with Playbooks. It’s presented by Dan Cole, Director of Product Management and Ryan Fortress, Sales Engineer.

The video discusses how Playbooks can allow your team to be more efficient by reducing time consuming tasks from hours or days to seconds. You’ll also learn how you can use Playbooks to get your disconnected tools to talk to each other. The video ends with Ryan building a Playbook and also showing you where to find ThreatConnect-provided Playbook templates.

Watch the video:

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Jessica Seward

Jessica has spent the last decade doing marketing for software companies in the DC metro area. She is currently the Nurture Marketing Director at ThreatConnect which means she spends her time making sure users and customers of the ThreatConnect platform feel loved. When she's not working, Jessica enjoys traveling, trying new beers, and spending time with friends and family, not necessarily in that order.