ThreatConnect Shares Incident Information on Bank of Brazil Phishing Malware

We have developed TIPpers, which are incidents the ThreatConnect Research team flags for your awareness, so your organization can take decisive action.

TIPper:  Bank of Brazil (Banco do Brasil) Phishing Malware

This incident details Phishing malware targeting Bank of Brazil (Banco do Brasil) on Internet Explorer. The malware scans through the active windows and checks if any of the current windows contain the Banco do Brasil domain in the title. If it matches, the malware creates a window with similar content to the Banco do Brasil website and tricks the user into entering their credentials into the fake page. This method of credential stealing is common in South American malware.

For additional details, current ThreatConnect users can access this incident by selecting this LINK or search for incident “20160426A” in the ThreatConnect Platform.

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