Welcome to the AAER Community in ThreatConnect

ACTRA has teamed up with ThreatConnect to provide a single Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) for members to aggregate their threat data, analyze a complex set of indicators, and take corrective action against their adversaries. The Platform facilitates the sharing of important cyber threat information amongst ACTRA members, maximizing the value of their existing individual and collective adversary knowledge. Once alerted, the member has the ability to act on the community-based intelligence, seamlessly integrating actions into their network defense products.

All ACTRA members qualify for:

  • A TC Open Account including:
    • 1 User
    • Access to 100+ open source intelligence feeds (OSINT)
    • Access to threat, incident, and adversary data
    • Ability to collaborate or consume active and historic indicators, incidents, and threats
    • Access to the AAER Community to collaborate with other ACTRA members
  • Free Upgrades to a ThreatConnect Organization Account:
    • In addition to TC Open features/functions, you will also receive limited bi-directional API
  • Access to ThreatConnect’s Premium features and Integration Server (which supports 100+ product integrations) is available at a discount to ACTRA members